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Model railroad links directory and search engine. Model railroad websites covering all gauges from live steam to Z. Layout tours, informational pages, clubs, how too, electronics, NMRA chapters, model railroad clubs and organizations. This directory is open to all non-commercial model railroad websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I add a site? What do those colored tags mean?
Modifying an existing link New Links
How are the links sorted? Popular Links
How do I search for a site? Hot! Links
How do I report a broken link Top Rated Links
Why don't the hits change? How do I rate a link?

How do I add a site?

You can add a site by clicking on the Add a Site link at the top of most pages. That will take you to a form where you can fill out information on the site. Please note that you do not have to be the site owner to suggest a resource. You may suggest any railroad related sites that you have found useful. You can also suggest new sites by mailing the URL(s) to the webmaster at We do suggest searching on the site's URL first to determine if the site is already listed in our directory.

How do I modify an existing site?

At the end of each listing you will see a "Modify Resource" link. Click on that link and it will show you the current information on the link. Make any required changes, and submit the form. All revisions are reviewed by our staff and may take several days to process.

How are the links sorted?

The links are sorted into categories to help you find the resource you are looking for. Within each category, the links are listed alphabetically, in three groups. The first group is new links, resources that have recently been added to our site. After the new links you will find the popular links, those links that have had many hits. After those groups you will find the remaining links, sorted alphabetically.

How do I search for a site?

If you know the sites name or have a particular subject in mind, try our search engine. It searches on the site title and description, allowing you to locate sites that feature your subject. You will also want to browse the categories that cover the subject you are interested in.

How do I report a broken link?

We work very hard to maintain the site and keep the links directory current. However, with over 4,000 sites, that is a never-ending project. You can help us by reporting any broken links you find. It's very easy, just click on "Report Dead Link". You will be taken to a page where you can select the error and make a comment if you like. If you don't know what the problem is, simply click on send report and we'll investigate it. Since sites can sometimes be out of order temporarily, broken links will be moved to the "Missing Links" category until it can be determined if they are truly gone or simply had a site outage. For those visitors who take a moment to report dead links, thank you very much.

Why don't the hits / ratings / votes  change?

I've viewed a site, but when I came back to the page the number of hits was the same as before. Or I have voted/rated for a site, but the rating does not show up. Both of these issues occur for the same reason. In order to make the pages as fast as possible, they are done in static html. What that means in plain english is that they only change once per day. Thus the server does not have to create a new page each time somebody requests it, greatly increasing site speed. Hits, votes, new links and ratings are all recorded in our database and will show up on the next update, which is usually done once per day.

What do those colored tags Mean?

The colored tags mean the following:
new - New Links, pop - Popular Links, hot! - Hot Links, Ed Pick - Editor's Pick

What Are New Links?

New links are links that have been added to our site within the last 14 days. There are two ways to view the new links, you can see all of the new links or you can view them by the date they were added to the site. The new links page is updated daily. New links are also listed first in the category listings.

What Are Popular Links?

Popular links are the links that have had the most traffic from this site. Only the top 2% of all links qualify to be listed as  popular. That's only 2 out of every 100 links!  Each time you click on a link, that hit is recorded in our database. Each day the links are added up and the most popular links are added. Please note that new links will take some time to become popular as some of our links have had quite some time to accumulate hits.

What Are Hot! Links?

Hot! links are links that have had the most hits during the current month. By counting the number of hits for the month, it allows new links to more fairly compete with links that have been in our directory for a long time. As noted above, the "Popular" ratings are a bit biased towards older links. The monthly count allows all links to start out equally. Please note that since all links are set to 0 at the beginning of each month, for the first few days of the month this rating may give somewhat questionable results. As the month continues, more data will be recorded and the results will become more meaningful.

What Are Top Rated Links?

Top rated links are links that have been voted on by the site's visitors. Links are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating. In order to present balanced ratings, sites are not listed on the "Top Rated" page until they have had at least 10 votes. That way more than one person's opinion is represented by the ratings.

How do I rate a link?

Use the "Rate/Vote for This Link" button to rate the link. By rating your favorite sites, you will help other viewers find them. Please note that ratings are updated daily, and your votes will not show up immediately. They are recorded and tallied during the daily site updates.

If you have any additional questions about this site, or would like to have your site added to our directory, please contact the webmaster at


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